Ora or labora @ Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
Graduation Show, Oslo National Academy of the Arts


A good formula is simple.
A good formula is easy to remember.
A good formula is promising.
A good formula is good.
A good formula is determinated.
A good formula is immediate.
A good formula is mysterious.
A good formula is sophisticated.
A good formula works.
A good formula gives for each a little something.
A good formula can be repeated.
A good formula can be applied.
A good formula can be shared.
A good formula can be varied.
A good formula is made to outsource.
A good formula is made to outlive.
A good formula is made to execute.
A good formula is made to succeed.
A good formula is routine.
A good formula is boring.
A good formula is excluding.
A good formula is trite.
A good formula is silly.
A good formula is for everyone.
A good formula is just for you.

Exhibition view

Untitled, 2016, Oil on canvas, 31 x 38 cm

Untitled, 2016, Concrete, resin, oil paint, dimensions variable

Untitled, 2016 (Detail), Oil on canvas, 31 x 38 cm

Untitled, 2016 + Untitled, 2016, Oil on canvas, 31 x 38 cm

(Ray Hegelbach, Malin Bülow, Carl Mannov, Jessica MacMillan)

Untitled, 2016, Oil on canvas, 31 x 38 cm

Untitled, 2016, Oil on canvas, 31 x 38 cm

Untitled (A4 Paintings), 2016, Oil and digital print on canvas, 29.7 x 21 cm

Ora or labora @ Kunstnernes Hus, Wergelandsveien 17 Oslo, 28.5 – 12.6.2016
Ksenia Aksenova, Shikh Sabbir Alam, Malin Bülow, Anna Daniell, Hasan Daraghmeh, Ray Hegelbach, Inga Sund Hofset, Iselin Iversby, Nora Joung, Audar Kantun, Anna Knappe, Jessica MacMillan, Carl Mannov, Jan Moszumanski, Lars Nordby, Guillermo Rodriguez, Helle Siljeholm, Nina Skarsbø


Commodity Conversions @ Whitebox

30 Jahre A. Dietrich Förderpreis, Kunstraum Kreuzlingen

Untitled (Schweinfurt), 2015, Oil on cotton, 38 x 38 cm

Let's wait for the group

March 23, 1956/57 NCAA Mens Division I, Championship Game Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City Missouri

For ten visitors and one performer, converse, wilson and whistle, 48 min, 2015
The performance was written for the program of Arnold Dreyblatt in the exhibition "Black Mountain – An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933–1957" at Hamburger Bahnhof in 2015.

In 1957, the year Black Mountain College was closing, the local Men’s division basketball team North Carolina Tar Heels won their first NCAA tournament over the favoured Kansas Jayhawks. The musical and performative composition, which is presented during two weeks in the voluminous Kleinhueshalle at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, is written in a book of 12 chapters and based on a silent film documentation of the game as well as different detailed press reports from the same year.

It is not allowed to use spirit
With Gerry Bibby, Ahmed Gossein, Louise Guerra, Valentin Hauri, Marianne Hultman, Raphael Julliard, Lara Khaldi, Yazan Khalili, Michael Kraft, Sebastian Lasinger, Carl Nilssen Love, Julia Wallisch, Susanne M. Winterling

Program for Wednesday Evening
April Fifth teen Twenty Fifth teen
Seven p.m
The Academy room. The exhibition room behind
other rooms at Kunstnernes Hus
Werglands road number seventeen, Oslo
Behind the scenes
A motion of entrance
A motion of activity
A motion of resolution
Prelude for Two Pianos
Six pieces for children and anyone else who cares to listen
The Kiss by performers Anni and Josef Albers
Projections designed and executed by students and professor
Ambience by Jay Watt AKA Espen Gleditsch
and Stian S. Grøgaard
Production Staff
Direction – Helen Livingston & Arthur Penn
Dances – Merce Cunningham
Piano – John Cage
Decor – William (Willem) & Elaine De Kooning
Costumes – Mary Outten
Lighting – Richard Lischer
Stage Manager – Marion Rothman
Special Properties
Monkey´s stand – Anna Daniell
Selection of Documents from the BMC Archive, Coffee cups
and kettle – Dag Erik Elgin
Candelabrum and Hölzernes Gelächter – Ray Hegelbach
Pick up truck – Solveig Lønseth
Magnifying glass and safety blankets (silver)
– Helle Siljeholm
A lot of corn – Espen Gleditsch
Napoleon, brush and rubber shoes – Mikael Lo Presti
Prelude to the exhibition Black Mountain.
An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933–1957 at
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin

«PLUS ONE [Gerry Bibby]»
A DIALOGUE AND A GIFT OUT OF THE WELLSPRING OF GESTURE continues within «PLUS ONE [Gerry Bibby]» until 14 May, 2015
Plus One is derived from the idea that a gift poses a problem which asks to be addressed, a concept characterized by anthropologists, philosophers and thinkers such as Jacques Derrida, Georges Bataille, Marcel Mauss, … The gift is also an arrangement or an action, and could be the beginning of an exhibition which turns into something else, a carrier of a situation bringing its own meaning, producing yet others … a long sentence, an extension, a figuration, a loop, a knot, a making. Economies, antagonisms, communities and temporalities are only a few keywords that require attention.

A dialogue and a gift out of the wellspring of gesture with Julia Wallisch 7.5.2015 – 14.5.2015 Akademirommet Oslo

She sent me an invitation. Ok, let’s do it. Cool. We exchanged some items. A souvenir from Lanzarote, a drawing on the window, a wooden plate, and mirrored goggles. The conversation started the 4th of March 2015, 11:46. She called me from 46227808. Do you like banana sauce? We had a dinner at this vietnamese restaurant with an italian terrazzo floor. There was a need to write a book about it. Glossy paper. 120 gsm silk. Arrangements have to be prepared. The oven was heated up several times. Objects started to bounce and flow. Interrupted by the lapses of time. Maneuvering through the floating fjords of language, it’s fruitful but also frightful. Later we met this guy in the big square in the middle of the town and talked about simple things.

Untitled (Cayman Islands), 2014, Oil on canvas, 38 x 31 cm

Basketball, Volleyball, Tennisball, Golfball
10. – 13. December
Akademirommet Oslo, 2015

Kulturkonzept Kanton Thurgau 2015-2018
Ich werd es auf an die Tür hängen zu den anderen. „Bulk goods Sweetheart!“ Where are you from? Dann--- der Nachbar auf B32 hat sich auf den Boden übergeben. Dafür gibts doch diese Tüten (die armen Mitarbeiter). Thanks Reynold!„Where are you going?“ Wir waren dort mit dem Canoe. Am zweiten Tag ein Riesenhai. 7 Meter meinte Joseph (Kannste dich erinnern?). Sea Turtles, Sea Turtles, Sea Turtles. Dabei machen die dann solches aus den armen Dingern. „Where have you been?„ Sapphire Bay. Nicht schlecht gemacht, hübsch, hübsch, aber wer kauft das schon? Jackenknöpfe. Die machen das Tag für Tag. Hunderte. Schematische Anleitung. Man nahm ein Set – aus Prinzip. (liegt bei). Re-present Re-present. Your hand, your body, your locus. „Where do you want to go?“ Hand graved Heimweh.


Untitled, Lithography on canvas, 130 x 110 cm

Untitled, Lithography on canvas, 130 x 110 cm

Untitled, Lithography on canvas, 130 x 110 cm

Facts & Figures